Bad Narcissist, Bad Narcissist!

Dear Readers:

In a decidedly un-narcissitic gesture (if I do say so myself), I am going to share with you something written by someone else that made me laugh out loud this morning. Those of you who know me, know that I do not laugh out loud often -so, even though I am scared that you will all stop reading my blog in favor of her blog I’m posting a link to a hilarious post entitled, Peter Pan Moms: We Won’t Grow Up. I found it on Ann’s Rants, a consistently funny blog about all things motherhood and womanhood. I hope you like it. But not so much that you will forget about me.

Narcissist Out.

4 Comments on “Bad Narcissist, Bad Narcissist!”

  1. The Peter Pam Moms post was BRILLIANT! A great post to share.

  2. Ann Imig says:

    Wow! Thanks!! (Now can we please just go back to talking about ourselves?)


  3. scrosstanley says:

    The Peter Pam post is so wise! Thank you to Ann for articulating this phenom so beautifully (and to you for pointing us to it). I confess, I caught myself the other day trying on clothes my 22-year-old daughter would have liked…. I wonder if other middle-aged women have reasons similar to mine for their Peter Pam behavior. My theory, at least for me personally, is that, as a young woman, I didn’t vamp it up the way I might have, because I was too busy trying to be taken seriously as a woman in a man’s world (law). So now I, very occasionally, think wistfully that I still look OK so why not dress like I (maybe?) shoulda/coulda done in my 20’s.

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