Holding Court.

This is my blog.

It’s about ME.

I actually can’t believe I’m blogging. But… here I am, holding court.

I’ve been resisting creating a blog since I first learned what a blog was – which was about six months to a year after everyone else found out. I thought to myself then that I’d never heard of such a narcissistic form of expression in all my life. (This was before Twitter.)  It seems, however, that I was wrong and that blogs are not simply self-absorbed know-it-alls espousing their views solely for the gratification of their massive egos. Some are, of course. But many are informative, timely, well-researched, well-written, thoroughly considered, entertaining online resources. Not to mention, they are apparently a necessity for anyone who aspires to be (among other things) an author. Which brings us to why I’m here.

I am a writer. I write for a local magazine in Columbia, MO where I live – but I would like to expand my career, and I’m told in order to be taken seriously as a writer, you must have a blog. Check. But if you have a blog, you must also have something to blog about. On that score, I’m afraid, I am limited to the goings-on in my own circumscribed life as a wife, mother, writer, volunteer, sister, daughter,  and friend living in a small, midwestern college town. Riveting stuff – I know. But that’s all I got, folks. It is my hope that there will be some common thread, some kernel of universal truth that weaves its way between my experiences and your own, so this doesn’t end up becoming a glorified soap box – and I don’t end up becoming the very thing I was afraid of becoming. I promise to try to keep the pontificating, preaching, lecturing, and moralizing to a bare minimum. But I’ll admit that might be a bit difficult because this blog is, at its most basic, written by and about ME. Narcissism by any other name…

2 Comments on “Holding Court.”

  1. Cindy Archer Photography says:

    I love it! Look forward to hearing more!

  2. Sharon says:

    That’ll do, Jill. That’ll do.

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