Freshly Stressed

I’m sure it is indicative of a deep and multifaceted neurosis that the minute some unexpected bit of good fortune befalls me (like getting my second-ever blog post featured on Freshly Pressed yesterday), my immediate reaction is to stress out.  But there it is. And here I am: stressed.

Here’s a sampling of why such a happy event is causing me worry:

  • Perhaps I have no knowledge of some very important blog-etiquette and have therefore alienated all the nice people who read, liked, commented, or subscribed to my blog by inadvertently doing or not doing something.
  • Perhaps I will never again write anything worth reading and that everyone who subscribed to my blog will delete me (with extreme prejudice), tell all of their friends how they’ve been duped, and somehow find a way to have me blacklisted from the internet forever.
  • Perhaps I will die, mid-post, and as I fall lifelessly onto my keyboard, I will accidentally hit the Publish button, leaving my last legacy of written words something like, “I’m stressaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”
  • Perhaps those of you who took the time to view my post- not to mention those who made comments – will never know just exactly how much I appreciate the boost of support.
  • Perhaps I am not enjoying this enough.
  • Perhaps I am enjoying this too much.
  • What am I going to make for dinner tonight? (This is an everyday worry.)

I know this is not normal. I know I have serious issues to work out – not the least of which is dinner – and I know that confessing my worries won’t make them go away. But I’m hoping, at the very least, this post will convey my gratitude – leaving me one less thing to worry about.

Now… anyone have any suggestions on dinner?

11 Comments on “Freshly Stressed”

  1. Mare says:

    Getting “Freshly Pressed” so early is a great accomplishment! I subscribed to your blog and I only subscribe to about 3 blogs (well 4 now) because your post was just that good.
    I look forward to reading more, so pretty please don’t die on your keyboard mid post. I’m officially a groupie.

    Side note: Try Morning Star “chicken” patties and spaghetti for dinner. They are vegetarian but no one will know, I promise. Plus they are super easy to cook. I call it “Morning Star Parm” which makes it sound way classier than fake chicken and spaghetti.

  2. karlapr says:

    Yes, I noticed it was just your second blog post — cool. I also just started blogging — also about parenthood, etc. It is strangely compelling, which sort of worries me… : )

  3. jandjsmum says:

    Im so thankful that you were published because- lets face it- your freakin’ funny! And Im really enjoying reading you… yea- Ill keep watching ya! Thanks for making me laugh today.

  4. armagemea says:

    Great writing, natural humor and honesty should always be rewarded! Loved to read your posts!!

  5. I think you will be just fine. It is a great accomplishment to be freshly pressed so early on, and it is because you are a great writer. Just remind yourself of that when you get stressed.
    I am also really new to blogging and I completely understand the stress of not knowing the etiquette. I can’t help you there because it would be the blind leading the blind. I have faith that the blogging community will be there for us to help when we make a blunder.
    As for dinner…
    Check wordpress. There are so many great ideas that people post under the tag “recipes.” I have started liking posts that have great recipes so that I can get to them quickly when I need an idea.

  6. Sharon says:

    You’re a Blog Star, now! There’ll be adjustments.

  7. I love this!!!!! I do believe you are reading my mind! I feel the same way about things. All things!! Especially the dinner part. I am so relieved to know I am not the only one who worries about what to do for dinner before it’s even lunch time! Thank you SO much for this post, it brought a much needed smile to my face!

  8. Perhaps you should write something mediocre and the that will eliminate those insincere followers? 🙂 Either way, congrats on FP after only two posts. I think you’ll do just fine in this blogging world.

  9. Congratulations on being freshly pressed – – I subscribed because you are very entertaining. (hope that doesn’t add to your stress!)

  10. Your blog is very entertaining, and I have a feeling a lot of people probably identify with your stress!

  11. bubblyfriend says:

    This is all fantastic. Congratulations to you for finally doing it! You are putting into writing what so many of us think, and it’s hysterical, I was belly laughing at pants on fire!! YEAH Jill…..I’ll cheers with some champagne : ) You should be very proud!!!

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