And I said I wasn’t going to cry…

Hello All!

I’m adding a post mid-cycle (I usually post on Mondays) because the hilarious and insightful gal over at whatimeant2say nominated me for a blogging award called the 7×7 Award. I’ve never been nominated for an award before – seriously, I think this is the first time EVER – and I’m very excited about it! After all, I love nothing more than getting feedback, especially positive feedback, about my work (please reference the name of my blog).

Along with the 7×7 Award, which I like to think gives me Great Power, also comes Great Responsibility. Here’s how it works: When someone nominates you, you sort through your blog and pull out your favorite 7 posts in various categories (listed below). Then, you nominate 7 of your favorite blogs and recommend them to readers. It’s really all about sharing the blog-love.  Plus, it makes you feel a bit Oprah-like designating all of your favorite things from on-high, inevitably whipping people into such a frenzy that they will pepper spray anyone who gets in their way. But rest assured, these fab blogs are free and quantities are NOT limited. No pepper spray necessary.


The truth is, I’ve only been blogging since August therefore my list of blogs to choose from is a bit meager. But here are my top 7 picks in the categories of…

1. Most Popular: I’d have to pick Wile E Coyote for President in this category. Tip: If you want to have big search engines like Google and Yahoo! find your blog, just put the name of a beloved cartoon character in the title and watch the hits roll in. I get at least 10 – 20 hits on this one everyday from random sources. Gotta love piggybacking on the hard work and success of others!

2. Most Helpful: Why Candy Tastes Better When It’s Free (or Stolen From Your Children). Because let’s be honest, who can’t benefit from a little guidance when it comes to taking candy from a baby.

3. Most Underrated: At First I was Afraid, I was Petrified. I spent WAY too long re-writing the lyrics to I Will Survive to make them fit my first experience camping in 19 years. I thought it was kinda funny… though I’m not sure anyone else could hear the tune in the their heads as clearly as I did.

4. Most Controversial: Why Coffee is The Vampire of Hot Drinks. Wow. People love their coffee. You write one little post about how it is vile and disgusting and people jump all over you…

5.Most Beautiful: None of my blogs are traditionally beautiful. I wish I could make my own illustrations. Or take great pictures. Or even import great pictures. But the truth is that this is simply out of my comfort zone. I am a word-girl, plain and simple. But, as for the Most Beautiful sentiment… I’ll go with: How To Feel Righteous Everyday: A Cheater’s Guide

6. Most Prideworthy: I think I’d have to say You Can’t Have Two Fun Parents. I stole this idea from Modern Family and I really believe it to be true.

7. Most Succesful: Easy. That would be Liar, Liar, Mom Jeans on Fire. Second blog post ever, got picked for Freshly Pressed before I even knew what Freshly Pressed was. I think it got like 4,000 views or something. Still blows my mind!

Now for my Top 7 favorite blogs (really hard to pare this list down, but here goes…)

The Flying Chalupa

Ironic Mom

Wendi Aarons

Ann’s Rants


Gameday Style




6 Comments on “And I said I wasn’t going to cry…”

  1. Scott Orr says:

    you are always the aware winner in our book; nothing unusual about it. Papa and Grammy

  2. Sharon says:

    I’m flattered! Thank you very much, Jill. 🙂

  3. Wow. I am honoured to be on this list. Thanks so much for the shout! 🙂

  4. shoes says:

    Well crap someone beat me to you! I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award in my latest post (check it out for the details). While I have not been following you long, I have really enjoyed what I have read and wanted to share your blog with my readers. So there you go – another award for you. And congrads on the 7×7 Link Award. 😉

    • Jill Orr says:

      Wow – thank you so much for the props!!! I, like you, haven’t been at this long and am still amazed and humbled to find such a interesting, talented, and generous blogging community out there. I love hearing from people – particularly if they are saying something nice 🙂 So thank you again for your shout out. I’m flattered to have made your list!

  5. […] check out Jill’s blog, An Exercise in Narcissism, you might remember her from that funny, Freshly Pressed post, Liar Liar Mom Jeans on Fire… […]

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