Confessions of a Spray-Tan-Aholic.

Confessions of a Spray Tan-A-Holic.

Hello. My name is Jill and I’m a spray tan-aholic. It’s been six days since my last spray. And I’m not gonna lie, its been a hard six days.

It started out as something I just did for fun. You know, a once-in-a-while kind of thing. I was going on vacation in the middle of winter to somewhere warm and I thought I’d feel so much better in my swimsuit if I had a little color, right? (Everyone knows tan looks better in a swimsuit than pale does.) I told myself I’d just go once so that I’d feel more comfortable. I figured it was better than going to a tanning bed, and this way I could stay out of the sun, but still have a little healthy glow. I convinced myself it was a good thing.

And I liked it.

I liked it so much that I started looking for reasons to go back in and get my glow on. I’d go if I had a special event coming up like a wedding or a fundraiser. I’d look for strapless dresses in order to justify the need for a tan. My post spray glow would last for nearly a week and I loved all the compliments I got. People said I looked healthier, my teeth looked whiter – they said I looked thinner and younger. Ah! Music to my vanity! I knew I was going a little more frequently, but I told myself I had it under control. I could stop any time I wanted to.

But then, I started to need a spray before any social event. Pampered Chef party? Better get a spray! Kim’s turning 40? Better get a spray! Teeth-cleaning coming up? Better get a spray! I started thinking if a little spray looks good, maybe a lot of spray would look fantastic!

Before I knew it, I’m signed up at MagicTan for the unlimited monthly package and I’m on the stuff once a week. Sometimes twice a week. Year round.

All my white sheets are ruined. My sweat looks like iced tea. I don’t even appear to be the same ethnicity as my children anymore (despite the fact that I am). The compliments have stopped and I can’t help but recognize the look of pity in people’s eyes when they asked if I’ve just come back from the equator, and I am forced to say no. No, I haven’t. People won’t even discuss the movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory in my presence. It’s as if they fear a stray reference to an Oompa Loompa would be hitting too close to home.

I tried to cancel my monthly package at MagicTan, but the person working there talked me out of it with a cunning and well-placed, ‘It makes you look younger by at least 5 years!’  I know I should stop. I know it. I tried weaning myself off of it by using the at-home Banana Boat, but it’s not the same. I go back to the good stuff every time.

I’ve been told the first step on the road to recovery is to admit that there’s a problem. And my mirror confirms that there is a problem. A big, orange problem. And it’s time to do something about it. Maybe there is a 12 step program for people like me (Snooki, any suggestions?) Or maybe I should just start hoping beyond hope that pale comes back into fashion like it was in 18th century Victorian England. Powdered wigs. Now, there’s a trend I could get behind…

And maybe one day, I can embrace my unique shade of cadaver-white skin and truly become proud to be pale.

9 Comments on “Confessions of a Spray-Tan-Aholic.”

  1. Pete Denton says:

    Great post. Made me laugh, thanks

  2. bubblyfriend says:

    that is so funny….. I once spray tanned at Magic Tan, then went to meet my husband and kids at Yogoluv……I walked in and smiled…Bennet said I looked like Ross Gellar in that Friends episode where his teeth glow!!! Ha, Ha, Ha……but just for the record, I’ve never thought you looked orange like an oompa loompa: )

  3. Stacia says:

    ooooh they tried to talk me into the unlimited package last week! I resisted!!! I am still in your Phase Two. Spraying for ANY sort of special event.

  4. Rockitalian says:


  5. Holly says:

    Golden….no pun intended!!!! Oh honey, I’ve sampled most of the spray tan places in town and could do a run down on whose color is orange, bronze or gold. I started to get hooked last year and then summer came, and well, I skipped the spray tan and just went for pure 100% sun damage instead. I was doing so well–no spray tans! But now it’s Heart Ball, Gala, vacation, spring break (Omaha so really no good excuse there), then Easter, a wedding….the need goes on and on until that golden ball in the sky gets hot enough to hit the pool. Maybe if we’re lucky, dermatologists will invent retin-a with a bronzer! Just about anything would SMELL better than a self-tanner 🙂

  6. shesabitbookish says:

    I just read this, and I have to say that despite 1) not having spray-tanned since my wedding eight years ago and 2) having recently read an article explaining that spray-tanning does, indeed, cause cancer and other maladies, your post makes me want a MagicTan.

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